Being cousin of Enaitz, I have always had the photography in my mind, as he tells, because of that hobby that our parents used to have. However, I have never developed a real interest in photography. My real hobby is diving (scuba and free) and it is true that I usually go into the deep with a compact camera (Nikon Coolpix aw130). Last summer, I shot some good photos and that’s why I am writing here. So, lets go!

It is true that it is not strictly street photography, because there are no streets or human cities underwater, but there are underwater cities and animals, algae and people to photograph. There are several modalities of underwater photography: scuba diving or apnea.

Scuba diving photography: the air tank gives you air so you can shoot calmly and the jacket gives you stability, so you can take specific photographs being in good conditions for each photo.

Freediving photography: it is more photo-hunting, like street photography. First, you need to relax, fill your lungs and let the sea show you as it is. Time is limited, you have to be alert so you don’t miss any photo. It is that feeling that Enaitz talks about, in which you are only looking for that photo, the truth, the essence of life.

What is freediving?

This sport is becoming very popular. As the word itself indicates it is free diving: you, your ability to hold your breath and the environment. You are free, you only have mental and apneic limits. More free than anywhere else: you can move where ever you want; up, down, turn… You are free to move as you want, you can dance, fly…

So, what I like more, is taking photos and showing these feelings, how someone can be free without taking breath… I really feel free going freediving and watching this kind of photos. You can see many spectacular videos and incredible photos in the internet.

Cave with double entrance, perfect to take the picture from the inside out and backlight.

When we go on frediving holidays, we like to explore new places to dive and we don’t go where all people goes. That gives us those exciting feelings, although they are not always expectacular sites. One day on our last trip, when the sea was not good enough for diving, we found an area which was covered and we stayed for more than an hour taking photos in apnea. Against to what it seemed, it was a great photoshoot. The pictures, that I initially visualized in color, are great, but my father insists that they are better in black and white. I let you both so you can compare them.

Dancing [Color]

Dancing [Black & White]

After a while shooting, we realized that the sunset was bringing us the opportunity for playing with lights and shadows. The rocks that were on the land left us darker areas underwater and the entrance of the sun rays made diving there like a dream, where we could or should dance. In this case and in my opinion, those photos only can be in B&W:

Dancing with light and shadows

As you can see, underwater world is exciting and if you like photography, it can be a new area to investigate. Freediving is the perfect excuse to photograph the freedom of movement. And, why not, to feel the freedom as individuals.

I can’t finish this post without warning you about this extreme sport. You must go freediving with a friend, and you must have some minimal knowledge about it.

I hope you liked my post.

Thanks to Enaitz for offering me the opportunity to participate in his amazing blog

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