My name is Enaitz (no meaning, just the name of a mountain) and I was born and raised in the Basque Country, a very special region in the north of Spain.

When I was a kid I used to play with my father’s old Canon reflex, which was broken, but was fun enough to look into the viewfinder and focus any object I could find through the split focusing screen. Many years went by until one of the christmas presents during my first or second year of university was an Olympus E-420 (which I still own).

At this point I started diving into mostly landscape photography and learnt the basics of this art, everything on my own.

Les Landes, France

Les Landes, France [2012]

However, it was in 2018 when I returned (and hopefully not to leave anymore) to photography. It was in my stay in the US during 2018’s summer, while walking around NYC I felt there was photography on the streets I could see.

From that day on, I started taking photography more seriously and as an ongoing hobby, until today. Now, I created this place where I will be able to share all my content and hopefully make someone feel what I feel when I’m on the streets.

It seems that other entrepreneurship projects are being created: www.lavueltaenkayak.es, www.lavueltaenvela.es, www.arqueando.com and www.guitarreandola.com

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