Photography Terms


The ISO is one of the three key parameters in Photography.

It is related to Aperture and Shutter Speed. The combination of these three is the base in order to correctly expose a photograph.

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What is ISO in photography?

It defines the sensitivity of camera’s sensor. If the ISO is high, you will need less light to take a picture. If the ISO is low, more light will be needed.

How does it work?

The sensors are designed to deliver the highest quality in the lowest ISO.

However, in some situations, there would not be enough light in order to expose properly the photograph.

To solve this, the cameras have higher ISO values, but this has a cost.

When you change the ISO to a higher value, the camera sensor becomes more sensitive, but this is because the camera’s algorithm generates the pixels that it did not have time to capture because of the low light.

Therefore, we should always shoot in the lowest ISO possible if the conditions allow us.

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