I am starting to write this post without any expectations of where can this finish. Maybe this will be the only post I will write, or maybe there will be a handful. In any case, I will use this space to share all what I have learnt the last few years related to photography. My main focus has been street photography and therefore the topics or ideas I will speak about will be related to this area.

Nowadays anyone with a mobile phone can make very high quality pictures, and we are used to see hundreds of pictures every day in the social media. It is actually very difficult to out-stand in this situation, but the joy and the opportunity to disconnect from the day to day routine is enough to continue on this journey even no-one sees my pictures.

Of course it is a pleasure when someone tells you that they like your pictures, and many times they ask me how do I do it. Definitely it is practice, but in the upcoming posts I will try to reveal some of the secrets, tips and setups that allow me to get the pictures I take.

Nothing more to say for the time being, I hope you will enjoy this section and of course, if you have any questions, queries or suggestions they will be very welcome.


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