Were you thinking on buying a camera to start in photography, or, you already know the basics and you want to jump into a more professional camera?

This is your chance!

Here the tree cameras I think are the best for an initiation, medium and advanced levels of photographers. Let’s leave the PROs on their own.


The little brother of the A7, the point of a Sony A is that they share the same lens mount; this means, in the future the lenses you buy now will work on the future and more professional Sony A7 you may buy. Moreover, it is much smaller, which is a key point in my opinion for someone who is starting, because as we all know, many times you feel lazy to carry your camera on.

The A6000 is not Full Frame but has also 23,4 MPs, can shoot up to 11fps and it’s said to have a very fast autofocus – ideal for a starter street photographer.


This camera is the delight of any photography lover. It’s old school design makes you approach photography from a very different point of view.

It comes with a tactile display, 4k video and a very high image quality for its price. Its compact lenses make this camera a perfect fit between a high quality and a portable camera.


Sony has been in the mirrorless camera business from the beginning and is delivering the most competitive price/quality ratio cameras in the market. The Sony A7II is Full Frame, has in-body image stabiliser and delivers 24,3 Mega Pixels. An authentic monster for the price.

Sony A7II

And, which lens should I buy?

Of course this is a topic that could take hundreds of pages and it will depend on which kind of photography you want to do. I thought it was a good idea to share which lenses I do use, so you can understand what can be done with each of them.

Both of my lenses are primer lenses, which means that they have no zoom. They have a fixed focal length, so if you want your subject to be closer, you need to move closer. This may feel weird at the beginning, but it makes you think much more on framing and composition, making of photography a constant challenge.

My first lens and the one with which most of my pictures are taken is the Sony FE55mm 1.8:

Later I acquired a wider lens, the Sony FE 24mm 1.4. This gave me some more versatility in my photography, specially on the landscape and night photography, as it is an extremely fast lens.

I hope this post can help you make a decision. In any case don’t worry because you will not make a mistake. Photography is enjoyable in any of its disciplines and there is no one camera or one best lens. Always you feel you need better camera or a faster, a wider or a bigger zoom lens; but that’s the actual photography’s challenge, that whatever is the material you have, you can still enjoy and get very good photographs if you are in the correct mood.

Please, enjoy photography!

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